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Foot Work, Foot Work,.... Foot Work!

Accentuate the Positives !

I was in a great conversation with the family last night, we talked about our awarenesses. The topics drifted from spiritual, physical, financial, and then, go figure... I had an analogy to horsemanship. The two basic difference of perspectives of horsemanship, Equitation, and Showmanship.

How aware are we to other's view of control in horsemanship can be often times harshly judged by someone who has not accomplished much of a level of understanding and bond with their horse's relationship. Either on the ground, or in the saddle, depending on your view. What often is concluded by the limited perspectives, or lack of awareness of the incredible growth of the bond with the horse in it's views of horsemanship.


All of the time invested in working with your horse on the ground, gaining control over their foot work, while in the many positions of communication of a showmanship pattern, or an in-hand class allows for endless growth in horsemanship. With out ever seeing the need to ever step a foot into the stirrup for a riding class, goals can be reached, yet with even further challenges present themselves in Open / Freestyle classes to achieve.

The same can be said from the saddle. With all of the maneuvers that constantly present further challenge in one's horsemanship, who needs to waist time doing anything else? Little, to no importance, or spending any time with "ground work" can be quickly discounted.

"Beyond Riding"

I would ask you to become aware....

Dive into the unknown, meaning, get out of what you've always done, and Accentuate the positives of both ends of Horsemanship. When you come to our Clinic, the connectivity , and new found success in foot work.... is no longer the same kind of riding you've experienced. Your horsemanship can go Beyond that !

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