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Barrels with Balance

Training horses my whole life, I'd never believed the diversity of horses and riders there are in this world. Now having traveled the world, I still ponder and learn so much everyday that I surround myself with both the beginner riders, and those I greatly respect in the horse industry. Today I drew some connections in my mind between Horse shoeing, and Barrel racing. Some things that I see very plainly that they both have in common are they both need balance, and certainly each has their own style. Now my wife has the exact same background in barrel racing as I have in farrier science. The conversations we have about our own style in achieving the balance in our horses might be confusing to you. But to give you the root, it is this. 20 years of taking every aspect of the horse apart, to put it together again in order to do your very best with all you can learn. Seeking out understanding of the horse from all the best resources in this world, the answer is found that we need to keep things consistent. Everyday in our home, we talk about our day, and learn through analyzing the horses that we've worked that day, and some more on the horses still on our mind from the past few days. Nutrition and everything physiological is where it leads us to, and greatly tailored exercise program is where the conversations conclude.

Come see us at our home arena, if you'd like to have some of this in your relationship with your barrel horse.

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